CumBlastCity – Teen Amber Raines

Cumblastcity is here yet again and there’s of course more superbly hot babes to check out just like usual. This week we have another sexy teen getting some action and her name is Amber Raines. She’s sporting shoulder long hair tied in pigtails and a very very adorable face. At first you wouldn’t think that this cutie would be the naughty little thing that she is, but rest assured that she has her own record of draining guys of their jizz when she gets her way with them. Let’s just take the time to check her cum blast city scene out today and see her in some luscious action. So let those cameras roll and let’s see the cutie play.

Did we mention this hot teen’s sexy body? No? well you should know that she’s truly looking incredible to say the least. She has a perky pair of natural tits that are very very playful and on top of that a pretty slim waist as well, that continues in a cute and sexy butt. And her sweet pink pussy? Just dreamy as well. See her getting naked and whipping out that nice and big cock and then you can take your time to see the teen hottie as she strokes that meat shaft with a passion. And of course the cherry on the cake is her getting her body covered in sticky jizz today. We hope you had fun and we’ll bring you more superb and sexy scenes next week everyone. If you wanna see other cum hungry ladies jerking off some seriously big cocks check out the POV blowjobs site and have fun inside it! Have fun and see you next time, friends!


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Anastasia Rose Cum Blast

Another fresh week and time to check out a new and superb cumblastcity update! As you all know by now, this site is truly the best place to come and visit if you want to see hot babes drenched in cum. This lovely hotties know how to put their expert hands to work at pleasing cocks and they always adore that sticky white reward that lands all over their hot and sexy bodies. Today’s lovely little hottie is named Anastasia Rose and she’s here to show off her superb scene as well for cum blast city as well. So let’s not beat around the proverbial bush any longer and just get this hot scene going to see this beauty in some superb action shall we everyone?

The scene here is shot from a POV perspective and it’s more than worth it to check it out, just for the view of this lovely babe with long black hair taking her eat on top and stroking that meat shaft. She’s not shy about it either. She takes the bull by the hors in a way in this one as she straight up takes those pants off and whips out the schlong that’s already nice and hard in anticipation. see this cutie giving the big cock a nice and hard hand job as she talks dirty and of course, you get to see her end up with a big load of jizz all over her big round tits too. Have fun with it and don’t forget to check out the past updates as well for even more great scenes. See you next week! Until then, enter the site and see some gorgeous babes getting their pussies filled with cum!

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CumBlastCity – Taylor and Zoe

Hey there once more guys and gals. Welcome to more simply juicy and superb cumblastcity scenes as always. Well lately we’ve had lots and lots of hot matures getting down and dirty with big cocks and making them spew loads and loads of jizz by the end of their scenes. Well today we wanted to show you some hot teens working that cock for a change. So let’s see this hot and horny pair made from Taylor and Zoe as the pair of kinky teens get to tug on that cock until they make it shoot all it’s it’s man juice this afternoon. And naturally they end up covered in the stuff as well. Let those cum blast city cameras roll and let’s see the action!

The two teens are greeted by the guy already waiting for them, lying on the floor and as you can see they were just sporting tshirts and skirts and shorts. Well the trick is that there was pretty much nothing else on them, so a change of clothes at the end was not an easy task. Anyway, they come in the scene and straight up drop op all fours as they make their way to the guy and they whip out that cock. Take the time to see the ladies taking their turns to rub that cock fast and hard with their slutty hands today. And like we said, it all ends with the two making the cock explode with a huge load of jizz that lands on their faces and their clothes as well! If you liked this scene check out the site and see other beauties getting drenched in cum!


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Stacie and Rachel

Welcome back to some all new and all fresh cumblastcity updates everyone. You know you can expect to see a brand new scene every week and every single time we have a new set of images featuring cute babes getting drenched in jizz by the end of their scenes one way or another. Anyway, today we have a real treat for you, as you get to check out another new pair of hotties getting kinky and their names are Stacie and Rachel. The two ladies are a rowdy bunch to say the least and it seems that they were in the mood to party, but there was no guy around in sight. Well they lucked out as you will see in this sexy cum blast city scene today!

cumblastcity-stacie-and-rachelBy lucking out, we mean that they were driving around with the car. and they ahppened to come across this lonely guy hitchhiking, and their prayers were answered. The babes told him there was no cash fare for the ride, but they do need his help with something. So they used the face cream excuse to get him out of the car and have some sexual fun with them outdoors. See them taking turns to bang the guy nice and hard and to finish him off, they make the poor stud shoot a huge jizz load all over those pretty faces and sexy outfits they had as well. It’s simply amazing to see to say the least and more will be here soon for you to check out! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see some sweet ebony babes getting their pretty faces covered in cum!

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CumBlastCity – Waters and Jezebel

Cumblastcity returns today with some more sweet action for you to check out and enjoy. This week we bring you a pair of gorgeous babes for a unforgettable scene. You know what they’ll get to do this fine afternoon and it’s just glorious to witness too. Their names are miss Waters, the ginger haired slim cutie and her fuck buddy Jezebel, the curvy babe with long black hair. The two of them like to have a guy in the mix every now and then as well and tease him to no end as they kiss and caress one another to tease him. But today they had quite the special case as they would turn their attention to his cock only with their teasing.

And with that, they were intending to make him blow his load repeatedly, until they all get covered in his spunk too. Let’s start off the cum blast city scene with the two making their entry in their outfits and taking a seat on a red velvet couch. Before you know it, the two ladies are playing with the guy’s huge pole and you can see them stroking it and sucking him off as well. It seems that they are quite masterful at handling cock with those slutty hands and this lucky stud gets to experience it first hand. Watch them making the guy cum repeatedly all over their faces before the end of this incredible scene today. We’ll see you all next week with more!


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Taylor Shaw

Another fresh week and it’s time to see a new and hot cumblastcity update just like always. And if you’ve been here long enough you know exactly what you can expect to see in the scenes present on this site too. In case this is your first time, be sure that this is the place to come when you want to see hot honeys covered in cum. And today we get to see the sexy and hot Taylor Shaw get her turn to play with a big dick and see her making it squirt all the man juice out. And rest assured that she’s quite proficient at it as well. Let’s just get the cum blast city scene going without any more delays and let’s just check her out!


Taylor is herself a pretty hot and sexy teen with a nice and big set of tits that are all natural of course. And that’s pretty apparent as soon as she comes into view, wearing her sexy and brightly colored bikini set. She just grabs the guy and takes his pants off as she was super horny and eager to play kinky with his cock. And she’s really happy about the size as well. Well sit back and enjoy the view of her eager lips starting to work the meat pole with a passion and you will get to see one of the hottest oral scenes as well. Like all hotties here, the babe finishes the guy off with her masterful hands and makes sure that all his jizz lands on her cute face today!

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CumBlastCity – Stacie Starr

Welcome back to this week’s new and hot cumblastcity update! We know exactly how much you adore seeing these babes here showing off their cock pleasing skills, and to let you see even more cuties getting covered in jizz we want to bring you one more lovely lady by the name of Stacie Starr and be sure that she has quite the gallery that she starred in. We get to check her out in her very own cum blast scene today and it’s one of the best on the site to say the least. So let’s check out this busty and curvy mature woman getting busy with this lucky guy’s hard cock for the rest of this incredible cum blast city scene today!

The guy was jacking off in his room that has a window to the back yard and just as he’s around halfway with his self indulgence, the MILF busts in on him almost nutting. Well She’s more than happy to lend a hand to the guy as they are a couple and she’s a bit upset that she wasn’t invited. Well anyway, he still gets punished for that today as she will make sure to make him cum repeatedly until there’s nothing left. Sit back and check out the sight of this hottie jerking off that huge dick and see her take load after load of jizz on her face and big tits today, making this one of the best scenes on the site. Have fun with it and do check out some of the past scenes as well or check out the site and see hot hot ladies swallowing big loads of cum!


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Amber Lynn Gallery

Today’s cumblastcity scene is sure to leave you impressed. This time we get to see a face that we’re sure you’ll recognize. This cutie is none other than Amber Lynn, one of the sexiest MILFs around and quite the known porn star as well. Today she gets to bring along her beautiful body curves and show them off on camera as she gets to drain this huge cock of all of it’s jizz, but not before doing some kinky stuff as well for your viewing pleasure. So yeah, this is one cumblastcity scene that we’re sure you won’t soon forget either. Let’s get to it as we’re sure you’re eager as well and let’s watch this beauty hard at work on that cock!

The scene begins with our lustful and beautiful MILF making her entry and showing off just why everyone’s so crazy about her. And she was displaying quite the nice and sexy form fitting dress to do that. As soon as she takes it off, that lingerie set makes her look even more stunning and of course that gets removed as well as she wanted to show off her big and round pair of juicy tits to the guy and the cameras. Watch her using her juicy lips to suck that cock and her tits to stroke it and eventually you can see her finishing the job by taking the whole sticky and white load all over her big round juicy tits! Great one to be sure, and more will be here next week!

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CumBlastCity – Housewife Miller

Hey there everyone, welcome back to more cumblastcity goodies this afternoon. We have another surprise for you to check out today in the form of a simply stunning and gorgeous mature housewife and her scene of pleasing her man today. She loves him dearly because of her fetish. And of course that is to be covered in cum after a nice and good fuck as well. Nothing makes her feel more like a slut than that and she loves feeling like a kinky slut. Well her man is the only one she knows that can unload a sizable amount and so, she always makes sure that his balls are fully drained by the time they end their little fuck fests too. Let’s see her in action!

The curvy babe’s name is Miller and she has shoulder long hair usually held back by a hair band. In the beginning of this scene, you can check her out stroking and sucking the cock with a passion and then spreading her sexy legs and taking it in the pussy. Oh and also her ass as she’s a fan of anal too. Anyway, sit back and watch this MILF finishing the job as she uses her tits to titfuck the guy and her slutty hands to stroke it some more until the guy explodes with a jizz load, landing all over her natural big tits and pretty face. See you all soon and we hope that you had fun with this one. Who knows, maybe she’s going to come back in future scenes too! Check out the dark cavern site if you wanna see other sweet ladies getting their pretty faces drenched in cum!


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Mrs. James

Hey there, it’s about time to check out some more new and hot cumblastcity scenes and like always we have a brand new babe to show off to you. Just like the rest here she gets to tug on a nice and big cock until she drains it of jizz and it’s all been caught on cam this fine afternoon. So today you get to meet Mrs. James. Another lovely little mature that’s petite in body size but she has as much experience and lust as any other babe that we ever presented here and she’s going to be showing that plenty in this fine scene of hers today around here. Let those cameras roll and let’s watch another eager babe stroke a nice and big cock.


Since this cumblastcity gorgeous babe packs such a small frame, you’d expect her to be pretty flat, but she actually has quite perky body curves as well and rest assured that no guy that ever got to bang this cutie, complained at the end of their fuck fest. Anyway, let’s get to check her out whipping out that solid meat pout of the guy’s pants and you can see her putting her slutty hands to work today. Just watch her starting off slow and eventually you get to see her stroking that cock fast and hard until it ends up drenching her in sticky jizz today. Have fun with it and we’ll bring you more next week just like always everyone! Bye bye guys!

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