CumBlastCity Video – Intense Facial

A brand new day and it’s time to check out a brand new cumblastcity update again. As you know, this site is always the best go to place when you want to see beauties getting drenched in man juices every week and we always bring you the best of the best. You saw this babe a few weeks ago at spermastudio and you will remember her as Sasha Foxx, the incredible looking babe that hooked up with a random dude and then took him to her place to play with for the evening. And just like then, she’s known to drain guys completely by the time she’s done with them and this stud wasn’t going to be any different either! well let’s just get this started and watch her in action!

Anyway, she was sporting pretty much the same outfit, which made her look quite superb and beautiful once more. See her having the guy undress for her while she was still dressed and then you can see her starting to tug onto that meat pole pretty much from the start of this juicy cumblastcity video. the hot lady shows off pretty much every single technique that she has for stroking huge cocks to make guys cum and this guy was just perfect for her demo. See her jerking him off until he gives her a crazy facial jizz blast today and have fun. Do remember to check out the past scenes and drop by soon for some more fresh content too!

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CumBlastCity Video – Amber Lynn

Hey there guys and gals. We know you came here to see some more cumblastcity scenes and you came at the perfect time…pun intended. Starting this week we’ll have some videos mixed in with the rest of the scenes and that makes the whole palce even more amazing. You get to see your favorite slutty babes getting covered in jizz in live motion video. And to start off with the first vid here, we present you with another scene featuring the amazing and kinky MILF Amber Lynn Bach. She’s got the body of a goddess and a huge pair of tits that she likes to have touched plenty and she’s going to be having her way with the guy here today.

As soon as the cumblastcity cameras start to roll, you can see that the babe had the guy lay naked on the couch while she revealed her big round tits to him. And of course, he cot diamond hard at the mere sight of those all natural round jugs too. The babe wasted no time and started to stroke his manhood with her hands and you just need to see her work up momentum as she makes him moan in pleasure. Towards the end, you get to see her kneeling for the guy and as he finishes the last bit by himself, he gives her a sticky facial and the juice lands all over her big round tits as well. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll be back soon with some more! If you liked this video check out the site and see other beauties getting jizzed!

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Trish Demaris

It’s that time of the week and you all know what that means. We get to see a new cumblastcity update like usual with one more all new and fresh babe. This week we have another mature ready to play on camera and you just have to see her in action. Her name is Trish Demaris and as you can see, she has long dark blonde hair. This hot MILF packs a body that you won’t forget for sure when you get to check her out and she knows that full well. That’s why for this occasion, the hot MILF decided to wear some truly sexy and naughty clothes too. But as you’ll see, it’s not like she’s going to stay too long in them in her cum blast city scene today.

As the scene begins, the babe and the guy get to go to the bedroom and once there, the mature babe starts to do her strip session for him and you to check out. Just marvel at those perfect tits when she takes off her bra and see her touching herself too. Her body looks very incredible indeed and by the time that the babe was ready to get to work, she didn’t have any more work to do to get him hard as he was like a rock by now. So check her out just grabbing the thick dick and see her jerking the guy off as he enjoys himself laying on his back today. Great scene as always, and it ends with her all covered in sticky man juice as well today. If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the creampiethais site! Have fun and see you next time! cumblastcity-trish-demaris

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CumBlastCity Sasha Foxx

Cumblastcity is back in black today and we have a brand new selection of simply stunning scenes to show off. For this scene we get to see the amazing looking babe Sasha Foxx in action and she’s quite the sexy beauty as you can see. She’s always ready and eager to throw down if the guy is well endowed and she never shies away from draining the studs completely too just like the cum hungry girls at Rodney Moore. Let’s get around to start off this scene and see her in some truly superb galleries doing this lucky stud a great favor by giving him one superb hand job. So let’s start things off and see this simply gorgeous and sexy cum blast city babe hard at work shall we?

Well the hottie knows what she has to do right from the start and she’s not one to just waste time and wait around. You can see this beauty going straight for the cock and whipping it out without delay. She wanted to see how well he was equipped too and she wasn’t going to wait all day for him to undress. So take your time to see her starting to work his cock with her sexy and slutty hands and see her doing such an amazing job that she makes the guy moan in pleasure at the special treatment too. You get to see her cute outfit covered in his jizz by the end and we know you’ll like it. See you all next week with a brand new and hot update! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the blog and see other hot ladies sucking cocks and getting drenched in cum!

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Teens Force Cumshot

Welcome, welcome to new and fresh cumblastcity galleries as always. We have some ripe new ones to show off today as we get to see a superbly hot and sexy team up of two amazing teens getting all over a nice and big cock and making sure to make it unload all over them by the end of it all too. The two babes sure gave this guy a run for his money by teaming up on his cock and be sure that he got to feel what heaven is like, while they got busy jerking him off. This is one cum blast city scene that you just have to check out so let’s get the cameras rolling and let’s watch the two hot and kinky teens in action without any more delays today shall we everyone?

As the cameras roll, the pair make their entry first of course and what you get to see is the blonde and brunette showing off their swimsuits to begin with as well. And they are quite adamant about posing around and showing off every curve on those sexy bodies of theirs too. After that showing off, the babes were all ready to take care of the nice and erect problem now and they get to take it out of the guy’s pants. See the lovely ladies taking turns to suck and lick that superb cock and naturally, see them finishing the job as they make the guy cum all over their faces, their sexy bodies and bikinis as well. We hope you had fun and we’ll see you all soon with more! Until then, enter the site and see other beauties getting splashed with cum!


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Teen Makenna

Another fresh week and time to check out a teen with a lust for cocks in her very own kinky cumblastcity update this afternoon. Let’s just go ahead and see this one in action as she’s probably one of the best ones too. She naturally knows how to work a cock properly and be sure that all the guys adore her for that. Well today you’ll be seeing the honey putting those masterful skills to some good use too. Her name is Makeena and even though that’s a bit of a strange name, we’re sure that you will remember it from now on. So let those cum blast city cameras roll and let’s see this babe get into some naughty action without delay today!

cumblastcity-teen-makennaLittle miss Makenna here also likes to wear sexy lingerie, assuring you that she has a very very extensive collection of it. From kinky to sensual of course, and we bet she looks as amazing as she did today as for this one scene, she got to wear her sexy looking coral blue satin bra and panties. And those just complemented her figure with those big round tits and her sexy cute ass. Well, sit back and see her starting to work the cock with her masterful hands and you can check her out picking up the pace after she starts slow and passionate. See her ending up jerking off that cock fast and hard and of course letting the jizz load land all over her face and titties! Check out the site if you liked this scene and you wanna see other beautiful babes getting their pretty faces covered in warm and sticky jizz!

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CumBlastCity Lola Bellastar

This week’s new and hot babe is here to show off her skills in the new and hot cumblastcity update. We bring you the hot and adorable teen babe named Lola Bellastar as she gets to star in her very very own kinky scene. She takes her turn to work on that cock for the afternoon and rest assured that she’s more than happy to show her skills to you as well. But the lucky guy that got to play with her is still the one to have the most fun alongside her. Anyway, let’s take our seats comfortably and enjoy another cum blast city scene with a cutie that will remain well entrenched in your fantasies for a long while starting today.

The scene begins with this babe leading the stud to her bedroom and once inside, she also manages to give quite the sexy show for everyone to see as she undresses and puts on display that simply stunning body of hers. You and the guy get to see her playing with her tits and as she makes her way lower, she plays with her pussy too. And when she’s all nude and working that cock hard style with her hand, you can see her masturbate as well. It was just great and at the end you get to see her cum as well while the jizz blasts her cute face. We hope you’ll enjoy her simply amazing scene just like the past babes and we hope to bring her around in the future as well! If you wanna see other beauties sucking cocks, visit the site! Have fun and see you soon!

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Teenie Saiya Muffin

Today’s cumblastcity update features another hot and amazing looking teen babe that you just have to check out. Her name is Saiya Muffin and she’s just adorable. She’s a hottie of a teen of course and she would also love to show off to you all exactly what she likes to do with her guys and their big cocks. In her scene, miss Muffin here is going to be putting on display just how she can get around to please cocks and make them unload and naturally you can check it all out in her simply stunning scene. So let’s not wait around and let’s see this chick’s adventures in the cum blast city scenery this afternoon shall we? We bet you want to see it too!

cumblastcity-teenie-saiya-muffinTo start off, you get to watch miss Muffin making her entry and still wearing her sexy clothes. It was a nice outfit composed of her long black dress and her lingerie underneath. And that was it. Well she knew exactly what she wanted to do today so she kneeled down and waited patiently for the guy to ship his manhood out. See her working it nice and hard with her hands and lips and you can see her stopping only when she makes him cum. Which didn’t take too long since she’s a pro at this. But she made him blow repeatedly and she ended up drenched in jizz by the end of it all. Check it out and have fun with it and we’ll be seeing you all soon with even more all new scenes! If you liked this scene check out the site and see some slutty chicks getting their pretty faces covered in cum!

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CumBlastCity – Teener and Alexis

Hey there again everyone, we have more cumblastcity scenes for you to check out just like usual and we know you’ll love them. And this week we have another pair of horny and hot chicks that get to show off their jizz draining skills on camera for you. Their names are Teener and Alexis and they are a bbw blonde with long hair and a sexy brunette with shoulder long hair. These two get to team up on the guy’s mighty cock for the afternoon and it’s just a treat to see them in some kinky action for this afternoon’s update. So without further due, let’s get those cameras rolling and enjoy another hot and sexy cum blast city gallery update today!

Both of them just returned from a walk outside with the guy and both were sporting some cute summer clothes of course. See them just pushing the guy on his back in bed as soon as they get back and then you can also check them out taking the guy’s huge dick out of his pants. They put both their hands to use on it and you should see this amazing double hand job that the lucky stud gets. The two even end up using their lips to please him and it just is a amazing scene overall. And of course, soon they make him blow his load too, which lands all over those cute faces this afternoon here. We hope you had fun with it and we’ll be seeing you again next week! Check out the site if you wanna see other beauties jerking off some big fat tools! cumblastcity-teener-alexis

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Teen Ashley Grace

Hey there guys, welcome as usual to more all new and all fresh cumblastcity updates. We wanted to show you something a bit different for this one as you get to see a new lovely lady getting creamed. And she does so in a very naughty way too. Her name is Ashley Grace and as you can tell, she is a very very cute babe with a pixie style haircut. And that paired with her sizzling hot body just makes her look wild and hot. Anyway, she was taking a little nap this afternoon and enjoying the sleep session, but it seems that this guy had something else planned for them. But now that she was asleep, he was on his own in a way.

cumblastcity-teen-ashley-graceWell no problem at all, since they couldn’t have sex in this cum blast city scene, he was still going to get something out of it. He always wanted to stroke his cock while she was sleeping and give her something nice and sticky to wake up to today. So with that, you get to see the guy whip out his big cock and starting to stroke it nice and hard. He tries to be as silent as he can while he jacks off and after a while, he was ready to blow. See him shoot all that huge white load all over her pretty face and sexy dress today and even that big cleavage she was showing off while sleeping. We’ll see you all again soon enough with even more all new and all hot scenes! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see some gorgeous teens getting covered in cum!

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