CumBlastCity – Mrs. Honey Ray

It’s time to see another cumblastcity babe in action this afternoon and she’s another one of those that you are sure to adore and love once more. Her name is Mrs. Honey Ray and she’s a simply stunning looking mature babe as you can clearly see. She has short blonde hair and quite the amazing body too. And one thing that you will notice quickly about her is that she just loves to wear some pretty sexy and hot clothing too. Case in point, for today, the busty beauty got to show off her passion for sexy clothing by wearing a super sexy bikini set on herself. So let’s get on with the cumblastcity scene and see this great and gorgeous babe in some sexy action shall we?

She had herself this nice stud with a hard cock that was all ready to be toyed with and miss Ray was going to take her sweet time playing with him today. Sit back and check her out teasing him with her superb body as she poses around and shows her curves from every single angle possible. Which of course gets that cock as hard as it can get and all ready for the mature to put her sexy hands to work. See her giving a mighty fine hand job to this dude for the whole scene as she also talks dirty to him, making things even kinkier. And when the time to cum, came, you get to watch the busty blonde mature take that load all over her face and tits. Enjoy the view and see you soon!


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Mrs. Erickson

Another fresh week and time to see one more cumblastcity update. This one is just incredible too, and you just have to know the story behind it. It involves Mrs Erikson and another blonde teen babe as they both get to party hard with this guy and his big hard cock. The two babes are both after the stud and naturally they don’t fancy each other too much. Today they had to settle their differences as the guy’s cock was in desperate need of attention and it would require both of them to work together. Let’s just get on with it, without delay as we can guess that you want to see what went down in this one as well today don’t you?


As soon as the cumblastcity scene starts off, we can see the beauties flashing their gorgeous body for him as that cock is already standing at attention. The teen is quick to reveal those perky tits and clean shaved pussy as she touches herself, but the MILF grabs the bull by the horns and straight up starts to stroke the dick. See her giving one unforgettable hand job on that mighty cock today, and all the while, the sexy teen is contributing to the whole nasty aspect by toughing herself all over and masturbating next to the MILF. See the two sexy ladies succeeding in making the cock shoot a big load all over their faces and great tits. Bye bye for now!

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Mrs. Bridgett Lee

Hi there once more guys and gals. We wanted to bring you a cumblastcity scene that’s a bit special this time and we can guarantee it will turn you on. Because this scene features another sizzling hot and sexy mature by the name of mrs Bridgett Lee and her play session with an eager cock. She is a sexy boss lady of course and a mature woman like we mentioned. Well she just got herself a new employee and being the cougar that she is, you can bet that she’s always on the prowl to play with new cubs. Well this guy sure got the best first day of work experience ever and we think that he’s already become miss’ Lee’s favorite employee too!

She had him come to her cum blast city office as she was still at her desk working and the guy thought at first that he was in trouble. That wasn’t the case, as the babe wanted to give him…you know the “physical” test now. But she did enjoy his sheepish and worried look. Well she straight up tells him to drop his pants and approach her chair as she was still sitting down and when he does, you get to watch the sexy babe starting to stroke and jerk off the guy. She knows what’s coming but she was a bit surprised at the volume. So see her ending up drenched in jizz today and see this lovely woman earning herself a new man toy!


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CumBlastCity Gallery Sienna Lopez

Cumblastcity makes a nice comeback this afternoon with yet another beauty that’s all ready to play on camera. She’s a gorgeous babe with dark blonde hair and curves in all the right places, especially the chest area. Of course by that we mean that she packs quite the nice pair of big and round tits and today they will be getting plenty of camera time too. Her name is Sienna Lopez and from the name alone you can pretty much guess correctly that she’s of Latino descent. Well that passionate Spanish blood sure makes her go wild when in bed and we’re eager to show you just what she did in her cum blast city scene this fine afternoon here!

The superb hottie and the guy she’s going to party with are all ready to have some fun and in preparation she just showed up in the room with her blue tank top and her panties. She’s quick to whip out those big round and natural tits to tease the guy and she starts to play around with his cock while she talks dirty to him. She loves the feeling of his meat getting hard as she gets to be naughty and soon you can see her putting those masterful hands to some good work. See her stroking the big cock and eventually watch her take all that sticky load all over her great tits. We hope that she gets to appear in future updates as well, but until then enjoy this one!

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MILF Mrs Robonson

Here we are once more and we have another eager mature ready to show off in this new cumblastcity update. Once more we just had to bring you a superb MILF as she was just incredible handling that nice and big cock. This lovely lady is Mrs Robonson and she is a curvy blonde as you can clearly see. And you know that nothing beats experience in bed too. This glorious looking lady had enough time to hone her cock pleasing skills and she prides herself on making all the guy she’s ever fucked blow their load in a big way. The housewife is about to give this guy and his cock her ultra special cum blast city treatment this afternoon and you get to check it out!

As the mature makes her entry, you can see that she was already prepared for this, sporting very very little clothing to begin with, namely a nice and tight pink tank top and just her panties, plus her hair was tied in a ponytail. See her rubbing the crotch of the guy while the pants are still on and see her loving the feeling of his cock getting hard as she massages that area. Soon she takes it out and is quite impressed with the size of the cock itself. She straight up goes to town on it, jacking the guy off fast and hard as he moans in pleasure. Well she made him feel on cloud nine and soon he exploded with a his jizz load landing everywhere, even her clothes and face!


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CumBlastCity – MILF Dee Delmar

Another fresh week and time for everyone to see a brand new and hot cumblastcity update. We know you are in love with watching these babes having nasty fun and ending up drenched in jizz. That and some of the simply delicious matures that we had featured here for a time as well. Well today’s your lucky day everyone, as this scene has not one, not two, but no less than three very horny and jizz hungry MILFs that get to ravage in a way a guy’s hard cock and you get to see it all here in this glorious gallery. So let’s get started and see some nasty action for today shall we everyone? We bet you’re eager to see them play too!


They are just perfect for the cum blast city collection as all of them look stunning and even though they are much older than this lucky guy, they still have a young spirit. Well sit back and check out this trio as they get to work right away on making that lucky guy feel good. They just whip that cock out and all of them get to lay in a hand for the stroking. And what better feeling could there be, than having three superb matures like them stroking your shaft fast and hard. And if you’ve been here long enough you know exactly when these babes are going to stop. check them out making the guy shoot his mega jizz load and see it land on their faces and big round tits as well.

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Frankie’s Facial

This week we have another glorious cumblastcity scene to show you and we bet that you will simply adore this one as well. Since you guys adored the first babe here, Claire, the busty MILF with her glasses in action, we figured it was about time to show off another beauty with glasses that also likes to play with cocks and the feel of man juices all over herself. The name of this new babe is Frankie and she has shoulder long, dark blonde hair. Let’s sit back and take the time to see her in some kinky action as well today as we bet that you’ll just adore her superb and fresh cum blast city gallery here. So let’s get the cameras rolling without delay!

Frankie is a mature babe as well, so you can rest easy knowing that she also has the experience to handle big cocks, just like Claire does as well. So check her out as she stars in this POV shot as the guy waits for her. She just straight up comes in and whips out that cock with a eagerness that you rarely see. See her putting those juicy and luscious lips to work as she sucks the hard cock with a passion and you can see her showing off just how good she is at oral today. It all culminates with her getting a nice and big jizz load all over her face naturally and she was very happy to get to be covered in jizz by the end of it all today! See you all soon with more!


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CumBlastCity Gallery

Today’s cumblastcity scene is sure to impress as you get to see another gallery featuring one more cutie. And this cutie isn’t just going to have her time in the spotlight playing with a cock. Oh no! she has so much more to offer and she’s of course not shy about putting even more on display this afternoon. Like her lust for sex as well. So let’s take the time to sit back and enjoy this babe getting to give a classy hand job but you can also see her having some POV fun while she slides that mighty meat pole in that sweet and wet pussy today. How could she pass on the chance? She was horny as hell herself in this one!

Well either way, she is now part of the cum blast city hall of fame with her scene and it’s just a treat to behold. The beauty with long, jet black hair, shows off her sexy lingerie with cute and colorful flowers. And she takes off the bra first as you need to see that nice and perky pair of tits. After she slides her panties aside, like we said, you get to see her ride the cock too, and she just looks amazing moaning loudly in pleasure as she gets her dicking. The guy was all set to give her a amazing surprise at the end as well as you know, and that ended up being her presenting her adorable face to be covered in jizz at the end. Have fun with the scene and see you all soon!


Ember Skyee Facial

Hey there everyone, welcome once more to a brand new and hot cumblastcity gallery. You have seen a busty mature babe in the past with lots of experience handling the hard cocks, but it’s time for a bit of a change. Let’s see if this week’s hot teen babe knows how to work her way around a cock too. She’s a blonde hottie of a teen as you can see and her name is Ember Skyee. She’s this week’s lovely lady that gets to make a cock shoot it’s huge load and of course it’s all been caught on cameras for you all to check out as well. So let’s get to visit the one and only cum blast city to see some more sweet and sexy action!

Miss Ember starts off with showing off her body to this guy that was just chilling on the couch. She was in the mood to tease, to start things off and she makes quick work of her lovely outfit to make his cock hard like a diamond before she even whips it out. And when she does she’s quite pleased with herself for making him hard that way. But anyway, she was eager to show him her skill at handling cock as well so just see her put her slutty little hands to work as she jacks the meat pole off and at the end of it, see her drenched in jizz like the past babes. It’s a brilliant scene that you shouldn’t miss for the world. Enjoy the superb gallery!


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CumBlastCity – Claire and Billy

Hey there guys, welcome to some more cumblastcity scenes today. Well last week you got to see a simply stunning MILF play with a stud’s cock until she made him unload his whole juice load onto her big round tits. Well today she makes a return and and all you need to know is that her name is Claire. Well Claire has this fuck buddy that’s 20 something or so and she thoroughly enjoys teasing him as much as she wants. They usually get together to have some wild times and Claire always has him save up for the time they get to meet. Since you saw last week, she likes to be covered in his man juices. Well let’s get this cum blast city update going shall we?


Today she wanted to surprise him with a new outfit. It was getting more and more hot outside as summer was just around to corner, but it wasn’t nearly as hot as her in her new bikini set. She picked it up to show off when she’s going sunbathing of course and the guy gets to see it first hand this fine day as he gets to have his weekly fuck meet with the busty MILF. Well as soon as he sees her he gets rock hard and that’s not a surprise to be honest, as who wouldn’t at the sight of this beauty. Anyway, sit back and watch her show off her tits to him as she jacks him off and see her making sure to make him blow his sticky load all over those big tits of her once more today!

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